Revolutionary Youth of Kurdistan Neighborhoods. NO TO EXECUTIONS!

Revolutionary Youth of Kurdistan Neighborhoods. NO TO EXECUTIONS!
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How despicable you are, the criminals of the Islamic Republic!

Before the sunrise, you hanged two young protestors, two of our comrades, Mohammad Mehdi Karami and Mohammad Hosseini, because you know that time is passing in two opposite directions for us and you. As time goes by, our struggle becomes more organized, wide-ranging, and mature, and for you, it is only fear, ignominy, cowardice, and criminality that is increasing.

How mean and insignificant you are, you mercenaries! You, who soak your bread in the blood of the dearest souls of this land, might continue your disgraceful life for a few more mornings under the awe of interrogators, torturers, prison guards, repression agents and think tank appointees of this system.

We know that you are not blind and you see that more than four decades of your killings, raping, imprisonment, poverty and repression not only didn't silence us or make us surrender, but this revolution, the voice of which has reached the whole world, is the answer to all your crimes. It is your oppression that has brought thousands of men and women, youths and even children to the streets. In fact, the only thing you can do is to continue the same crimes that you have used against us for more than four decades. It is your criminality and oppression that has committed us to a social revolution.

Tell Mohammad Mehdi's mother that the execution of Mohammad Mehdi and Mohammad Hosseini, who didn't have parents and whose family we are from today on and will seek his revenge, not only does not disturb our determination, but also made us more committed and determined to advance our goal in a more organized way and on a more widespread level. At the cost of our lives, we renew our promise with our friends, comrades and those who have lost their lives that we will not hesitate for even a moment to overthrow this system full of crimes and corruption.

Revolutionary Youth of Kurdistan Neighborhoods
January 2023

#We won't forgive! We won't forget!
#No to execution!


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